HP OJPRO 7720 Troubleshooting

    HP OJPRO 7720 Troubleshooting

    The HP printers are usually known for its quality and reliable prints. It creates no troubles while printing. But sometimes minor problems occur due to the mishandling of printer and printer materials. Such problems can be cleared by following ways,

    • Whatever be the problem is with your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer, you must turn on your printer. Open the cartridge access door and allow the printer to become idle. Now, unplug the power cord from your printer. Take away the ink cartridges from the cartridge holder and reinstall them back in the holders properly. Reconnect the power cord and power on your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer, if it doesn’t power on automatically.
    • Power on your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer. Open the input tray and make sure that all the papers are free from damages, as damaged papers may cause paper jams and other print issues while printing. Then, check whether any torn piece of paper is in the input tray or in the output tray. Excess amount of paper than the specified number may also cause paper jams. So, make sure that you install the correct number of papers in the input tray.
    • Use the genuine hp original ink cartridges and high quality papers for better printing, as HP usually recommends it. You must check for the ink levels and replace the cartridge that ran out of ink. You can also refill it using the hp ink bottles. This HP officejet pro 6968 printer is HP instant ink capable, which you can use to get ink whenever needed.
    • Check for the paper jams in the cartridge holders, by simply opening the cartridge access door. Remove the ink cartridges and check for the paper jams and reinstall them. Also, check whether any torn paper is seen near the printer rollers and print heads.
    • Remove the ink cartridges and check whether any packing material is left in the ink cartridges and reinstall them.
    • Remove the ink cartridges from thee holders, while the power cord is disconnected from your printer. Wet the cotton swab in the distilled water. Clean the electrical contacts in the ink cartridges and also the ink cartridge nozzles  using this wet swab. Allow it to dry for some time and reinstall them. You can clean the print head nozzles and the printer rollers using this wet swab. Then, power on your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer.
    • To get rid of thee wireless network connection issues, follow the steps. If your router is not connected to the active wireless network, then connect it. Connect your computer and printer to the same wireless network using the WPA password. Select the wireless network connection as a connection method when your computer asks. If any USB cable is connected to the computer, unplug it.
    • All these solutions are to clear away your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer issues. If the problem still continues with your printer, go ahead for servicing.

    HP OJPRO 7720 Scan Setup

    When the scanner did nothing

    1. Ensure that the original document is loaded properly.
    2. If your Sleep mode is just wearing, then it might take time for the printer to start its job.
    3. Ensure that the HP software you have installed is proper. If not, uninstall the software and visit our site to download the latest software and drivers.

    When the scan takes too long

    If you have set the printer to scan in high resolution, it is entitled to take longer and the result will be a larger file size. The lower the resolution, the lesser the time taken to scan.

    When part of the document did not scan or text is missing

    1. Make sure that the original document is loaded properly. Also, if you have scanned your document from the automatic document feeder, try scanning it for the scanner glass.
    2. Also, keep in mind that colour backgrounds might cause the foreground and background images to blend. So, adjust the scan settings before the scan job begins.
    3. Check if the input paper size is large enough to occupy the original that is being scanned.
    4. Sometimes, the printer is automatically set to perform a specific task. Check the setting and change according to your need.

    When text cannot be edited

    1. Check if OCR has been installed in your HP Officejet Pro printer.
    2. Perform one of the following tasks based on the operating system you use.
      1. Windows 8: Start – – > app bar – – > All apps – – > Printer name – – > Utilities – – > Printer Setup & Software – – > Add more software – – > Customize Software Selection – – > OCR.
      2. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Start – – > All Programs – – > HP – – > printer name – – > Printer Setup & Software – -> Add more software – – > Customize Software Selection – – > OCR.
      3. If you have installed the HP software on your Macintosh, then the OCR software might not be installed. To install it, insert the software CD that came with your printer, and click on the HP installer icon on the printer software.
    3. The document type you have selection should be editable text. It is is classified as graphic, it cannot be converted to text.
    4. Check where the original document is placed. When the document is scanned as an editable text from ADF, the original must placed in the automatic document feeder. If the document is scanned from the scanner glass, then the original must placed on the scanner glass print side down.
    5. The original document should have good image quality.
    6. It is to be noted that colored backgrounds can cause distortion in the scanned image.