HP Envy 7640 Troubleshooting

    HP Envy 7640 Troubleshooting

    HP Envy 7640 printer troubleshooting

    Usually people face simple issues with our 123 hp envy 7640 Troubleshooting printer due to the careless handling of papers and ink cartridges. To get rid of these issues , make sure that you handle your papers and ink cartridges carefully or else if you are facing any of the problems; then follow the steps below:


    • Power on your 123 hp envy 7640 printer.
    • Lift the scanner and allow the ink cartridges to stop moving.
    • Now, unplug the power cord from the hp envy 7640 printer.
    • Open the cartridge covers and take away the ink cartridges.
    • Again, insert the ink cartridges in the holders properly.
    • Then, plug in the power cord.
    • The 123 hp envy 7640 Troubleshooting printer will automatically power on. If not, then power on your printer.
    • Also, check for ink levels as it may be one of the reasons for printing issues.
    • Repeat the steps for 3 to 5 times, whenever you face a problem with your printer.
    • Also, check for the torn papers that could have stuck in the cartridge holder or print heads.
    • If the problem still persists, then take away the ink cartridges from the printer and clean the electrical contacts without damaging them.
    • Use a cotton swab rinsed in the distilled water to clean the electrical contacts.
    • The very same way, clean the print head nozzles too.
    • Also, check whether any paper is stuck in the printer rollers or print head nozzles.
    • And remove any papers.


    • Power on your 123 hp envy 7640 printer.
    • Install the ink cartridges in the holders properly.
    • Then, lift the scanner and allow the print heads to become idle.
    • Remove the ink cartridges from the holders and check for the torn papers.
    • Also, check for the torn papers in the print heads and printer rollers.
    • If you find any, remove them carefully.
    • Open the input tray and take away the papers.
    • Make sure that no paper is torn or damaged and reinsert them.
    • Do not tighten the edge guides too much.
    • Fit the edge guides properly and close the input tray. Your problem would have solved. Or else, clean thee print head nozzles and printer rollers to get rid of this issue.


    • If your router is not connected to the active wireless network, then connect it.
    • Connect your computer and printer to the same wireless network using the WPA password.
    • Select the wireless network connection as a connection method when your computer asks.
    • If any USB cable is connected to the computer, unplug it.


    • Unplug the USB cable if it is already connected to your computer.
    • Choose network connection method as wired network connection.
    • While your computer asks to connect to an USB cable, then connect it.
    • If the USB cable is damaged, it may also be the issue. So change a different USB cable.
    • Also, try a different USB slot, if the problem continues.

    HP Envy 7640 Scan Setup

    When scanned image quality is poor

    1. If the original paper is too thin or transparent, then there are chances that the text or image can bleed on to the other side.
    2. If you see unwanted lines on the scanned document, clean the scanner glass and look for ink, glue, unwanted substance and correction fluid.
    3. If the scanned image is crooked, check if the original is loaded properly.
    4. If the scanned image shows blots, lines, white vertical stripes or unwanted lines, then the scanner glass is dirty. Clean the scanner glass. If you still encounter the problem, then the original document may have defects.
    5. If the image size is reduced, then the printer software settings may be set to reduce the quality.

    When you are unable to scan to network folder

    1. Ensure that the computer where the network folder is stored is switched on and connected to the network.
    2. The folder you have created should be on the server.
    3. The users should be able to read and write the contents of the folder. If you are using an Apple desktop, SMB sharing should be enabled.
    4. The folder name should use only letters or characters that are supported by the operating system.
    5. The folder name should be in the correct format.
    6. Valid username and password should be entered.
    7. The server in which the folder has been created should have free disk space.
    8. If you have scanned many files to a particular folder, you can change the prefix. The printer can create to 9,999 files using the same name with different prefix and suffix.