HP printers provide necessary softwares and drivers for each particular printer model. These drivers and softwares are installed in a driver installation CD and are provided along with the new HP printer.

  To download necessary HP printer drivers and softwares, unbox your new HP printer. Remove all the packing materials. Connect the power cord to your HP printer and switch it on. Install the ink cartridges in the holders and allow the printer to install ink. Then, load enough number of plain sheets of paper in your HP printer. Now, connect your computer and your new HP printer to the same wireless connection. Then, install the driver installation CD in your computer and download and install all the necessary softwares and drivers for your HP printer.

  Also, you can download the drivers and softwares from the internet browser. You must enter your HP printer name in the browser. Then, download and install the necessary drivers and softwares available for your HP printer. While downloading the HP printer software, you must be careful that you enter your printer model correctly. At once you download all the softwares and drivers, your computer will automatically gets connected to your HP printer.

   By this HP printer softwares and drivers installed computer, you can print from your computer that is connected to your HP printer.