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HP Printers for all your printing needs

The 123.hp.com/setup offers a variety of HP Printer series according to all your printing needs. You have specific printer series that is suitable for small team works, business purposes, home and home office printers. HP printers are known for its style and efficiency. These HP printers are reliable and are available at affordable prices. You can copy, fax, scan, auto-duplex and are wireless, google cloud print, hp ePrint and Ethernet networking capable. You can choose any kind of hp printers according to your use and need. You can print borderless printing, photo printing, etc. with your HP printer. The paper capacity, monthly print cycle are all different to each printer model to suit your printing needs.

HP Printers for professional print quality

HP printers offers you professional quality prints that is incomparable to any other printers. The HP printer prints are smudge-free, fadeless and long lasting with sharp print quality beyond laser. HP printers are loaded with the original HP ink cartridges, which gives you very good printing experience. The HP original ink cartridges are available separately for each hp printer model. You have the black and tricolour ink cartridges, which can be recycled or reused as per your choice. In addition to its print quality and performance, HP printers are designed unique and are more attractive too. If you buy one hp printer, it is like all your printing dreams come true.

Top selling 123 HP printer models


123.hp.com/setup – HP Envy Printer

HP Envy printers are capable of print, scan, photo and copy. HP envy printers are completely wireless and can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network within few minutes. These Envy printers are all attractive and small in size. These are the all-in-one printers which works faster and nicely to all our expectations.
Some of the HP Envy printers are capable of faxing and web connected.HP Envy printers can read media directly from your computer, USB drives, and SD cards, with an on-board editing screen to get things just perfect before printing or sending. With an optional Wi-Fi-enabled model, you can grab photos directly from your smartphone. 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup – HP Officejet Printer

The HP Office jet printers are best selling and known for its attractive design and colour. HP Office jet all-in-one printers can print 8.5 pages per minute in black colour and 6 pages per minute in tricolour prints.

The HP Office jet printers are facilitated with the instant ready ink, because of which you never runs out of ink. The HP Office jet printers have the auto document feeder. Also, some HP Office jet printers are capable of Automatic two sided printing( auto-duplexing) feature.

The HP Office jet printers can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network by following simple steps less than a minute of time. These HP Office jet printers are weightless and are easily portable too.123.hp.com/setup


123.hp.com/setup – HP OJPRO Printer

The HP Office jet pro series printers are very famous among all the HP printer series. The HP Office jet pro printers are the low cost printers with more benefits. These HP Office jet pro printers can print documents beyond laser quality in half the cost of laser prints.

The HP Office jet pro printers gives you professional quality colour printing. These HP all-in-one Office jet pro printers can print, scan, copy and fax. These Office jet pro series printers can print 20-24 black pages per minute and 11-20 colour pages per minute. No other printer can give this much ISO speed.123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup – HP Deskjet Printer

The HP deskjet series printers are multi function printers with exceptional printing speed. These deskjet printers can print, copy and scan. The input tray in these deskjet printers are capable of holding up to 60 sheets of paper, while the output tray is capable of handling 25 sheets of paper. These printers have the LCD display to make you know what you are doing with the printer.

These hp deskjet printers can print the black prints as fast as 14 seconds and the colour prints as fast as 18 seconds. This hp deskjet printer can be used by three people at the same time. These hp deskjet printers are air print enabled.123.hp.com/setup


123 HP Driver Download Install

123 HP Driver Install Instructions :

In order to enjoy with more advanced features, you will have to choose the best driver for installation by following simple steps:

  • To begin with printer driver installation, refer the guidance from HP Printer manual or surf to 123.hp.com website to note with the best driver.
  • Now, begin the process of driver installation by making a search to choose the driver by clicking on with change device installation to confirm with changes.
  • For the driver installation, you may use any one of wireless connection or USB Setup, to detect corresponding printer device.
  • If you can’t detect the required HP Printer, make use of printer wizard option for adding the desired printer to the network for installation of driver.
  • Once adding 123 HP Setup printer device, it may also assist you with updates options for installation of driver with periodic updates to get notified easily.
  • Do click on the HP Folder in the manufacturer pane, for confirming the HP Printer in 123 HP printer’s panel of the device to choose either of printer functions.

123 HP Printer AirPrint Setup

  • Airprint is a highly enhanced printer services, which supports the latest version of the Mobile Operating System by connecting 123 HP Printer to the wireless network.
  • This focus by connecting the device from iPad, iPhone and from all iOS devices to multiply the features and get magnified with printing jobs.
  • To enjoy with this setup, you will have to turn on printer device to examine whether 123 HP Setupprinter has attained the active state.
  • Choose the file as you wish to print from device from the wireless mobile printing services to choose the action option.
  • Next, you have to choose HP printer option for fetching the high quality print outs from HP Printers with desired orientation of the print, scan, copy, etc.

123 HP Printer ePrint Setup

  • To initiate with 123.hp.com/setup, you will have to feed an email address in the TO field with a subject to be mandatory for dispatching the mail.
  • Make sure that computing size of the documents with an image, etc should not exceed above 10 MB to enhance the quick services.
  • If you attach photos, you must have the vertical or horizontal resolution of 100 pixels or more, to fix with perfect capturing vision.
  • Majority of the formats will be supported by the ePrint services to print the files remotely from wireless mobile printing.
  • Finally, click send option to deliver the mail to the desired 123 HP Setup to assist with variety or combination of hp printer functions.

123 HP Printer Cloud Setup

  • 123 HP Printer are capable of accessing the free web services from the Google cloud account by registering HP Printer to the Google cloud.
  • Then you are allowed to access the storage folders for choosing the files or documents from the cloud service to open it.
  • Once it got opened, you will have to choose the print option to proceed with further steps from Google cloud print windows.
  • Once you reach the destination button, you will have to choose with change button for selecting the desired windows by choosing HP printer from 123 hp printer’s list.
  • Once you have chosen hp printer device, alter 123.hp.com/setup hp printer properties and then finally click print option for printing the files.

123.hp.com/setup Printer Wireless Setup

123 HP Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Prior to setting up the wireless network for Windows, gather the network’s name, its security passcode. Connect the computer to the wireless network. Turn on the computer and 123.hp.com/setup printer and ensure that both are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Remove if any USB or electrical cords are connected to the devices. From the 123 hp wireless printer control panel, click on the wireless button. Access the wireless setup wizard to get the list of wireless networks available in the area. Connect HP printer to the preferred network.
  • Visit the HP page and type in the name of HP printer, in the software and download tab. It will display a list of printer packages. From this, select and download the most congruous printer driver. Install it on the computer.

123 HP Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Note down the name of the network and the password before going on with the wireless set up. Power up HP printer and the computer, connect  123.hp.com/setup printer to the wireless network. Make sure that HP printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  • Check if the devices are connected with any USB or electrical cord, if you find any, remove them. Make sure that the computer’s software is up to date. If not, go to the Apple website, download and install the newest version of the software.
  • From 123 HP printer control panel, open the wireless setup wizard. This option will include the catalog of names of the various wireless networks from the vicinity. Select and connect HP printer to the desired network and proceed with the printing.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

123 HP Troubleshooting for Windows

  • If HP printer device is stuck with unwanted issues especially on windows, the user has to turn off HP printer device and the computer.
  • Examine the current network settings on windows and then modify it further based on the existing network options on windows for the 123 HP Printer device.
  • It is also important for the user to check the driver and software installation. Browse to the site of HP for choosing the desired driver.
  • Follow the steps for downloading the full feature and then run on it to get it installed on the windows. Leave the devices to be free from the connection.
  • If the corresponding 123.hp.com/setup printer device is not listed in the list, follow the steps for adding HP printer device to the existing list and then continue further.
  • Finally, the user has to check whether the issue is solved or not. Select a file on the computer to print files from 123 HP printer.

123 HP Troubleshooting For Mac

  • If there is an issue occurs on Mac computer, turn off 123.hp.com printer device and then remove all the cables from the ports of HP printer and the computer.
  • Remove the power cables and wires from the devices. It is also must for the user to review the network printer settings at the same time.
  • Go through the installation procedure for installing the driver on the Mac. Before getting into the process, check the availability of HP printer.
  • If the 123.hp.com/setup printer is not found, the user can also add HP printer manually to the following list by following the set of instructions on the Mac computer.
  • Review the settings and then confirm it finally to cope with the changes on a Mac computer. Connect the cable and then turn on the device.
  • After the successful connection, choose a file and then try to print files from the corresponding printer device.

123.hp.com/setup – How to Fix Repeated Printer Problems

  • Ink Cartridge issue: If the printer is out of toner or ink, replace it. It is recommended to get a genuine ink cartridge to avoid further ink cartridges related issues.
  • Network connection issue: Search for the printer diagnosing tool to perform necessary troubleshooting task. Follow the prompts to fix the issue.
  • Network scanner issue: When the communication between the devices is not maintained, the printer fails to complete the assigned job. Check the network status and re- establish the printer connection.
  • Print job stuck in queue: when the assigned print job stayed in the print queue, you can neither cancel nor complete the print job. Delete all files available, reboot the printer, and then retry to print.
  • 123 HP Printer stop printing: When the print job settings are not customized related to the assigned print job, the printer fails to produce the necessary output. Check the documentation and customize the settings.
  • 50.4 error: This occurs in laser printer if a fuser present is the cause of the issue. Simple rebooting of the printer is a temporary solution for this issue.
  • Software issue: If the software installed is an outdated one, search for the latest software from our website 123.hp.com/setup in order to resume the print job.
  • Printhead issue: if any dirt is accumulated in the printhead, the issue occurs. Clean the printhead using a clean cloth and reinstall it again.

HP home- office usage HP Printer series

HP printers offers the home- office usage printer series which are always in demand in the market. Some of the home- office usage printers includes the deskjet series printers and the LaserJet pro series printers. These printers are meant for the home and home- office usage due to its simple design and duty cycle. These printers can suit any kind of small business sector easily. These printers contain the black and tricolour ink cartridges which can give you more prints. These ink cartridges can be easily replaced at once the cartridges runs out of ink. Replacing your ink cartridges for the HP printers is very easy as all the ink cartridges are available in the markets easily for each different printer model. If you want to reuse the cartridges, the Original HP ink is readily available in the markets, with which you can fill the cartridges and use it again. The reusing ink cartridges will cause no damage to your prints anyway, if you have filled ink properly as per suggested.

   Another biggest advantage of these home- office printers are that these printers can offer you prints at affordable cost but with the high quality prints. So, the advantage is doubled. The laser jet pro printers can print 2000 pages monthly and the deskjet series printers can print nearly 1000 pages per month. The HP laser jet pro printers can print, copy, scan and fax depend upon the printer model you choose. These HP laser jet pro series printers are little bit bigger than the deskjet printers as its duty is little heavy that that. The print speed in the laser jet pro printers varies from 23 to 30 pages per minute. These HP laser jet pro series printers uses the Original toner ink cartridges with the Jet intelligence technology. Mobile printing is very simple in these laser jet pro printers, as these printers can be connected to Wi-Fi direct, Google cloud print, air print, Ethernet networking and so on.

HP business usage printer series

 The HP office jet printers and HP ink advantage printers are specifically made for the business usage. These HP business printers can manage from 5 to 30 printing users. The user capacity is based on the printer model you choose. If you are running a small business , then you can choose the printer that can print up to 2000 prints per month. If you are running a large business, then choose the business printer that can print up to 20,000 pages per month. It would be quite easy for you to choose as HP printer specifications are very clear and are available in the internet easily. The HP latex, Design jet are the other business printers that are capable of borderless printing too.  

   One of the models among the business printers, HP Design jet T730 printer produces prints 3 times faster than the other Design jet printers. This HP Design jet T730 printer can print D/A1-size prints in 25 seconds. This is not a simple thing. The automatic sheet feeder/tray can also help you cut waste by 50% by printing at half scale. The ink cartridges in this particular printer model is separate and it is easy to replace only the particular ink cartridge that runs out of ink. The HP Office jet printers can print 10 pages per minute in black colour and 7 pages per minute in the colour printing. The HP offers long life batteries to all your HP printers.

    The HP Office jet mobile all-in-one printers suits the mobile professionals and telecommuters who need a high-quality, reliable, portable all-in-one they can take virtually anywhere. Easily connect to your printer with Bluetooth Smart technology and Wi-Fi Direct. This all-in-one mobile printers can print 500 pages in a month. These printers have a easy touch panel and a control panel of nearly 3” CGD display.